3 Questions to Ask a Colorado Business Law Attorney

As a Colorado business owner, your priority is to give your business the strongest foundation possible to ensure it succeeds. Whether you are just starting to think about forming a new business or your company is well established, there are many advantages to working with a business law attorney. As you search for a business lawyer who can best serve your needs, consider asking the following questions to determine which attorney can help you achieve your goals.

1. What Types of Businesses Do you Typically Serve?

Most business owners want to work with an attorney who has experience in cases similar to theirs. When you meet with a potential lawyer, get a sense of their background in the field of business law and ask them what types of business matters they typically handle. For example, if you are interested in starting an LLC, make sure the attorney has helped others with this process; or, if you need help drafting clear contracts, ask the attorney if they have experience in this area.

2. What is Your Preferred Method of Communication?

Once you’ve determined that the attorney has the skills and experience to assist you, assess whether their communication style is compatible with your own. Get a sense of how the attorney typically communicates with clients—by phone? Over email? How long does it usually take for them to return client calls? Also, make sure you feel comfortable with their overall communication style. An attorney that listens carefully to clients’ needs and exhibits confidence is more likely to cultivate trust.

3. How Would You Approach My Business Needs?

Before you hire an attorney, feel free to ask them for a general overview of how they would approach your business needs. You can ask them to estimate how long the process may take and what the outcome would look like. If their responses seem reasonable and inspire confidence, consider moving forward with them by your side. Ultimately, you’ll be glad that you took some time to identify the attorney best-suited for your unique business needs.


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