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Today’s financial and securities industries are governed by tight regulations and complex laws. Whether you need help addressing a compliance issue or you’ve been unfairly targeted by FINRA or the SEC over an alleged violation, Judex Law, LLC has the knowledge and expertise to guide you toward a successful resolution.

As a FINRA Certified Arbitrator, attorney Tosh Grebenik has personally handled more FINRA cases than any other attorney in the country, including over 150 FINRA arbitration awards. Whether you need help resolving an issue regarding disclosures, state regulatory defense, broker/securities fraud and negligence, securities compliance, FINRA complaint expungement, or arbitration, you can trust that he’ll provide you with a solid legal strategy to ensure that you obtain your desired outcome.


If an investor has requested arbitration through FINRA, we can help you understand what to expect from the process and represent your best interests at every turn. Reach out today to learn more.

Broker/Securities Fraud and Negligence Defense

The SEC investigates hundreds of securities fraud matters every year. If you’re under investigation, we’re here to guide you through the process while defending your professional reputation.


We’ll make sure you are in compliance with all your disclosure obligations. If you face an SEC enforcement action or other accusation of disclosure noncompliance, we can represent and defend you.

FINRA Complaint Expungement

We can guide you through the process of submitting a FINRA customer complaint expungement request to keep your professional reputation in good standing. Reach out today to learn more.

Securities Compliance

We help our clients stay up-to-date on the ever-shifting federal and state securities laws and regulations. We also provide trusted and effective defense counsel for those under SEC investigation.

State Regulatory Defense

If you’re dealing with a state regulatory compliance matter and you need reliable legal representation, we can help. We’ll assess the details of your situation and determine the best path forward.

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