Partnership Agreements in Colorado

Drafting and Reviewing Partnership Agreements on Behalf of Colorado Businesses

When you take the exciting step of establishing a partnership, you’ll want to make sure you and your business partner do everything you can to set yourselves up for success. One of the best ways to ensure that you can both work together to support your shared vision is to put an effective partnership agreement in place right away. At Judex Law, LLC, our goal is to make sure you and your business partner have the tools and protections you need in order to navigate the launching, operation, and growth of your new business.

Documenting Your Business Partnership

While it’s tempting to assume that because you and your business partner have a strong existing relationship, there’s no need to put anything in writing. Unfortunately, many partnerships who neglect to define their roles, responsibilities, and other important elements in writing find themselves embroiled in costly and stressful litigation. A partnership agreement clearly articulates the fine details of your enterprise; and, should a dispute arise, the partnership agreement can serve as a road map of how to achieve a resolution.

Our Customized Drafting Services

Judex Law, LLC is a full-service business law firm that aims to provide small businesses with the quality and care that’s typically reserved for larger companies. We’ll meet with you to go over your goals for your partnership so that we can be sure to include comprehensive protections and provisions in the partnership agreement we create for you. Some terms we may incorporate into the partnership agreement include:

  • Operational roles
  • Initial contributions of each partner
  • Intellectual property ownership and rights
  • Ownership interests
  • Dispute resolution
  • Terms of withdrawal

Whatever your specific goals may be, Judex Law is here to help you achieve and protect them. Reach out today to learn more.

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