3 Questions to Ask When You Learn You’re Under FINRA Investigation

As a professional in the financial industry, the last thing you want to deal with is an accusation of fraud or negligence. Unfortunately, customers can lodge complaints with the Financial Industry and Regulatory Authority (FINRA), spurring an investigation into such claims. When FINRA notifies you that it is launching an investigation over a customer complaint, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and stressed about your future. Before you leap to the worst-case scenario, take some time to ask a few simple questions and then enlist the guidance of a trusted securities law attorney to discuss your options for moving forward.

What Does the FINRA Investigation Concern?

The initial letter from FINRA notifying you of the investigation typically includes the list of potential rule violations it is examining. This list will give you an idea of the inquiry’s primary points of focus. However, the FINRA letter may lack specific allegations, so your attorney can contact FINRA to learn more about the nature and scope of the impending investigation. Once you have a clearer picture of the allegations, you can start exploring your options for how to handle and respond to them.

How Will My Past Actions Affect This Investigation?

Remember that this current investigation is rooted in a specific complaint, but the scope of the inquiry will encompass your entire industry record. If you have previous violations or a pattern of misconduct, this history can influence the course of the new investigation. FINRA does not have any obligation to share the documents concerning your professional history with you before the hearing, so it’s a good idea to work with your attorney to identify potential issues the opposing party may bring up during the arbitration.

What Steps Can I Take to Achieve a Favorable Outcome?

Most financial advisors under FINRA investigation feel powerless and anxious about their fate. When you meet with a skilled securities law attorney, you can regain a sense of control over your situation as you discuss strategies for navigating this challenging time. Gathering information, participating in interviews, delivering a concluding statement, or preparing for arbitration are solid ways to build up confidence. As soon as you realize you’re the subject of a FINRA investigation, contact an attorney to get started in shaping your future.


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