Key Takeaways From FINRA’s End of Year Statistics

FINRA recently released statistics from 2020. Overall, the number of new case filings remained consistent with previous years, and cases involving breach of fiduciary duty were the most common controversy type in customer arbitrations.

Understanding Securities Law Mediation vs. Arbitration

If an investor is attempting to recover damages from you or your brokerage firm, you should consider preserving your record and fighting it. Talk to a skilled securities law attorney about your options for protecting your best interests and your rights along the way.

PPP Tax Implications for Colorado Businesses

Small businesses that received PPP loans may wonder about the tax implications of this relief. A new bipartisan measure could clarify whether businesses can deduct qualifying business expenses. Contact a business attorney to learn more.

3 Key Elements of a Strong Partnership Agreement

Partners who are going into business together should create a comprehensive partnership agreement that sufficiently protects the wellbeing of the business, no matter what the future may hold. Call a trusted business attorney to learn more.

Do I Need an Attorney to Start a Business in Colorado?

Launching a business is an involved process, and you want to make sure you do it right. Working with a knowledgeable business attorney can give you the support and confidence you need to lay a strong and successful foundation.