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Partnership Agreement Essentials for Colorado Small Businesses

Neglecting to put a partnership agreement in place can have serious consequences and jeopardize your company’s future. Enlist the help of a trusted business attorney to help you create a partnership agreement and keep the future bright.

Navigating E-Discovery in FINRA Arbitrations

As electronic discovery (e-discovery) tools become more central to arbitration proceedings, FINRA is considering its approach to incorporating e-discovery capabilities into the arbitration process. Call a securities law attorney today to learn more.

How Brokers Can Pursue FINRA Customer Dispute Expungement

Although the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) claims that the public has a right to know about customer dispute information, even inaccurate or false information can appear on your record. Contact a securities lawyer to learn about the expungement request process.

FINRA Announces Temporary Withdrawal of Proposed SEC Rule Filing

FINRA announced that it has formally withdrawn from SEC consideration its proposed change to the arbitration process, taking additional time to assess whether the request for a specialized arbitration panel is necessary or even appropriate.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business in Colorado

Neglecting to address minor but critical issues before you launch your business can lead to legal headaches later on, so make sure to do your market research and work with a skilled business attorney to keep your business protected.

FINRA Resumes In-Person Arbitration Hearings

As pandemic restrictions ease across the country, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has announced that all in-person locations will be open by early August. Enlist the support of a trusted securities law attorney to help you obtain a favorable outcome.

FINRA Virtual Arbitration Hearing FAQs

If you are involved in an upcoming FINRA arbitration hearing, it’s natural to have several questions about what to expect during the process. Consult a trusted securities law attorney for clear and customized guidance.

How Do FINRA Inquiries Start and How Should I Respond?

There are many actions that could trigger a FINRA investigation, particularly when disclosures are published. Working with a trusted securities law attorney is the best way to ensure you navigate the inquiry process successfully.

Exploring Your Business Structure Options in Colorado

Business owners face many options when choosing an entity that suits their needs. Whether you decide to go with a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, working with a trusted business law attorney will ensure that you set yourself and your company up for success.

FINRA Arbitration Statistics for 2021

Over the last year, FINRA has conducted virtual hearings via Zoom. While many cases are moving forward virtually, FINRA is now opening up the option for in-person hearings once again. Contact a trusted securities law attorney today to learn more.

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